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DefenseCode Group is very pleased to announce a new addition to our growing network of strategic partners around the world Ubiquitous AI Corporation in Japan. Based on the current portfolio of deep technical software and development tools for engineering and DevOps the new addition of DefenseCode’s ThunderScan® and WebStrike will be a valuable addition to the solutions and services available from Ubiquitous AI.

“The importance of Cybersecurity has been growing and it becomes urgent tasks for not only development companies but also Japanese government. DefenseCode’s SAST and DAST solutions are a must and a big help for Japanese customers who need Cybersecurity measures, accomplishing their DevSecOps seamlessly and effectively.” said Satoshi Hasegawa, Ubiquitous AI Corporation’s CEO.

Leon Juranic, DefenseCode’s CTO added “the automation provided by DefenseCode’s security solutions ensures that the development teams in Japan can focus on innovation and development rather than worry about the security of the software and applications being developed, and confident that our latest strategic partner Ubiquitous AI Corporation will be an extension of DefenseCode team in supporting our growing user base within Japan”

About DefenseCode Group
Bridges the gap between DevOps and security. Scalable static and dynamic application security testing solutions, provide accurate, fast, and easy to use security products that seamlessly integrate into the software development lifecycle. Comprehensive and in-depth security analysis for both SAST and DAST with industry-leading low levels of false positives and negatives during analysis making DefenseCode solutions the most usable option for DevOps.

About Ubiquitous AI Corporation
A world leader in Embedded Software development, Ubiquitous AI Corporation (TYO:3858) has been at the forefront of technological advancement with its Small, Fast and Light ethos. Every year millions of new devices containing Ubiquitous AI Corporation’s software are sold worldwide. Ubiquitous AI Corporation is also a leading software distributor, acting as a gateway to Japan for global software companies