by: DefenseCode |

DefenseCode is pleased to announce that the COBOL programming language have been added to an already wide range of programming languages supported by the DefenseCode ThunderScan® SAST solution. Increasing demand for security testing of legacy systems has prompted us to add the support for this 60-year old language, also taking in the account what various recently published COBOL articles pointed out, such as the following:

– COBOL supports close to 90% of Fortune 500 business systems today.

– 70% of all critical business logic and information are written in COBOL.

– COBOL is 65% of active code used today; and runs 85% of all business transactions.

– IBM claims 200 billion lines of COBOL code are still in use today by various industries.

– COBOL is as current and modern as other programming products in the marketplace.


  • Thousands of organizations are spending millions on COBOL development and maintenance.

Cobol shows no sign of fading away and companies will continue to rely on COBOL for the next decade at least. As legacy programming languages are prone to similar security vulnerability types as modern technologies are, such as SQL Injection, Command Execution, Buffer Overflows, etc, ThunderScan® can help you identify these security flaws during all stages of development and give you the chance to fix them before they become a true threat for your organization.

DefenseCode will continue improving the coverage, accuracy and overall performance of our SAST solution.

DefenseCode Team