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Our commitment is to deliver application security solutions that are fast, effective and easy to use. We aim to exceed the highest standards of threat detection.


DefenseCode Ltd
27 Cork Road, Midleton
County Cork

DefenseCode Inc
44 Bearfoot Road, Suite 200
Northborough, MA 01532, USA

DefenseCode is rapidly becoming a widely recognized leader in application security testing, security consultancy and vulnerability research.

Privately founded in 2010, we provide a range of consulting and assessment services to help organizations measure their security posture, build a thorough and compliant security program to support their business strategy. Our clients come from the e-banking, finance, telecommunications, insurance, legal, IT and retail sectors across the globe.

DefenseCode delivers solutions and services designed to analyze and test web, desktop and mobile applications for security vulnerabilities using Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST, BlackBox Testing) and Static Application Security Testing (SAST, WhiteBox Testing) technologies. DefenseCode has in-depth experience of penetration testing, zero-day vulnerability research, security audit and source code security analysis.