Web Application Security Testing Service

DefenseCode Web Application Security Testing Service is meant to discover security vulnerabilities in your web site from an attacker's perspective.

Our inhouse team of web security experts will analyze your web site with web security scanners, custom security tools, and comprehensive manual inspection to identify each potential point of intrusion into your web site.

More than 75% web sites  are vulnerable

According to independent research, more than 75% of all active web sites are vulnerable to hacking attacks. If you are reading this, we can safely assume you don't want your website to be among them.

This is the main reason why we designed Web Aplication Security Testing Service - to audit your defenses and protect you from hackers. Your valuable network infrastructure may be behind secure firewalls, behind IDS/IPS systems, and various other protection systems, but your website is always exposed to outside world and therefore exposed to the attackers. That's why websites are highly interesting targets for the hackers.

Identify weak spots

Our Web Application Security Testing service will quickly identify vulnerabilities and weak points in your infrastructure, like SQL Injections, Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities, Code Execution vulnerabiliti etc.

What do you get with our security testing service?

  • 2-10 web security experts working on your website
  • Detailed report on your website security
  • Detailed description of each discovered vulnerability
  • Suggestion how to mitigate each identified vulnerability
  • Help in fixing more complicated vulnerabilities

Special Limited Time Offer

For each order of 'Web Application Security Testing Service', you will receive 30% discount on our 'Web Application Source Code Security Analysis Service'.

Remember, if your website's security is your business' priority, we suggest using both services to recieve comprehensive analysis to attacks originating outside as well as inside your information infrastructure.