BlackList Monitoring

Cybercriminals use automated tools created by hackers to access websites and inject malicious code in order to gain access. If your website is an important part of your business model, security and uninterrupted performance of your website is of paramount importance.

Start monitoring your website and your internet services right away.

Our easy to use SiteWatch web interface will allow you to setup your website monitoring in a few minutes.



Monitor your website reputation

Malicious code targeting websites is designed with only one purpose - to infect your visitors with trojan horses or other malware. When malicious code is injected into your website code, website gets blacklisted on popular search engines. Potential customers and clients fail to reach your website. 

React Immediately

Our BlackList Monitoring service is specifically designed to monitor your website on popular blacklists, and to alert you immediately if your website ends up in a blacklist. This way you can react virtually the same moment blacklisting occurs and avoid loss of customers and clients. To find more information or to subscribe on our BlackList Monitoring service, please contact us immediately.

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If you need more than 1000 pages contact us to get a special price quote.