BlackTitan Internet Security

BlackTitan's innovative technology prevents web based attacks against modern browsers before they get a chance to execute. Keeping attackers at bay and users safe no matter where they surf is BlackTitan's principal task. Black Titan excels due to unique design of its core engine. Understanding of modern web technologies and browsers enables correct interpretation of every request and accurate decision regarding the nature of the content.

The Web is the source of most security threats in today's world. Even with best firewalls and security policies in place, a workstation or even an entire organization's infrastructure can fall a victim to a single vulnerable web browser.

With this in mind, DefenseCode developed BlackTitan - a next generation intrusion detection and prevention software designed especially for protection of web browsers.  

Key Features:
  • Drive-by Attack protection 
  • Cloud based malware domain protection
  • Web Malware Protection
  • Full inspection of SSL/TLS traffic
  • Malware Sites Protection
  • Support for all browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) 
  • Phishing Sites Protection
  • XSS detection
  • Cross Site Scripting Protection
  • Custom black and white list monitoring
  • Easy and modern interface